C S - C.S Ms-Excel-2010


Learning to use Microsoft Excel has never been this simple. Our video tutorials quickly and thoroughly walk you step-by-step through all aspects Excel offers. This video training series begins with the simplest tasks and progresses to more difficult projects. Along the way, you will pick up tips and tricks of savvy Excel users. If you have ever wanted to learn how to use Excel to create better spreadsheets and improve spreadsheet analysis, now is the time!

Course Content:

Chapter 1

Lesson 1: Introducing the Ribbon User...

Lesson 2: Introducing Workbooks &...

Lesson 3: Introducing the Formula Bar

Lesson 4: Saving with Different File ...

Lesson 5: Customizing the User Interface

Chapter 2

Lesson 1: Getting Data into Excel

Lesson 2: Importing Text Files

Lesson 3: Using the Freeze Panes Func...

Lesson 4: Using the Zoom Functionality

Lesson 5: Using Hot Keys

Lesson 6: Managing Rows & Columns

Lesson 7: Finding Data

Lesson 8: Matching Case & Entire ...

Lesson 9: Replacing Data

Lesson 10: Finding & Replacing Emp...

Lesson 11: Sorting Data

Lesson 12: Sorting Multiple Columns

Lesson 13: Filtering Data

Chapter 3

Lesson 1: Formatting Numbers & Dates

Lesson 2: Formatting Cells

Lesson 3: Setting the Font Type, Colo...

Lesson 4: Using Borders & Cell St...

Lesson 5: Adding Shapes & Pictures

Lesson 6: Creating WordArt

Chapter 4: FORMULA BASICS (34 min)

Lesson 1: Constants, Formulas & C...

Lesson 2: Understanding the Order of ...

Lesson 3: Using Formulas with Dates &...

Lesson 4: Linking Cells & Using C...

Lesson 5: Creating an Absolute Reference

Lesson 6: Defining Named Ranges

Lesson 7: Exploring the Function Library

Lesson 8: Using the AutoSum Function

Chapter 5: USEFUL FUNCTIONS (40 min)

Lesson 1: Using the INT Function

Lesson 2: Using the Rounding Function

Lesson 3: Using the ABS Function

Lesson 4: Using the SUBTotal Function

Lesson 5: Using Logical Functions

Lesson 6: Using the AND & the OR.

Lesson 7: Using LEFT, RIGHT & MID...

Lesson 8: Using the UPPER, LOWER, PRO...

Lesson 9: Using COUNT Functions

Lesson 10: Using the VLOOKUP Function

Chapter 6: CREATING REPORTS (33 min)

Lesson 1: Creating a Subtotal Report

Lesson 2: Using Conditional Formatting

Lesson 3: Creating & Managing Con...

Lesson 4: Creating a Chart

Lesson 5: Refining Charts

Lesson 6: Using Basic Chart Types


Lesson 1: Inserting Headers & Foo...

Lesson 2: Adding Comments

Lesson 3: Adjusting Page Layout

Lesson 4: Distributing Your Worksheets

Lesson 5: Protecting Your Worksheets

Lesson 6: Understanding Compatibility

Chapter 8: TIPS & TRICKS (53 min)

Lesson 1: Using the Fill Handle

Lesson 2: Filling in a Series of Numbers

Lesson 3: Typing in Multiple Cells at...

Lesson 4: Leveraging a Custom List &a...

Lesson 5: Deleting & Inserting Bl...

Lesson 6: Filling Holes in Your Data

Lesson 7: Getting a List of Unique Re...

Lesson 8: Rearranging Columns & L...

Lesson 9: Using Right Mouse Button Dr.

Lesson 10: Make Format Painter Persist...

Lesson 11: Formatting Portions of Text...

Lesson 12: Creating Cell Border Effect...

Lesson 13: Turning Formulas into Hard.

esson 14: Copy Formula References &am

Lesson 15: Creating Dynamic Charts &am.

Lesson 16: Add a Secondary Axis, Avera...

Lesson 17: Comparing Data Dynamically ...

Lesson 18: TXL07ES Project Files

Course Benefits:

Explore the new user interface in Office Excel 2007 to find powerful tools when you need them.

Learn how to import, organize, and explore massive data sets in spreadsheets.

Discover how to quickly format cells and tables the way you want.

Improve spreadsheet analysis and communicate your findings in professional-looking charts.

See how to adjust page margins, and add or edit headers and footers, so your spreadsheet prints exactly as you'd like